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Cala Cala, Oruro

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Cala Cala
Cala Cala Cala Cala Cala Cala Cala Cala

Cala Cala is a town which was built at about 21 kilometers from Oruro. Cala Cala sits in the middle of a lithic structure, which is quite impressive at first glance and forms a singular nucleus of mountains, most of which have several water springs.

Cala Cala is an archaeological area, where pre-colombinan paintings can be found. Flocks of flamingos, llamas and felines, were sketched with simple lines by the ancient Bolivians. With colors that vary between red, black and white, the samples of the rupestrian art of Calacala reflect designs that resemble Camelidae species painted amid rocky formations. These are primitive expressions located on rocky cliffs. Similar paintings can be seen in the towns of Yareque and Poopo, the second one is also known as "Inca Pinta".

There is also a great deal of rupestrian art in the natural caves of Quellcata and an impressive church constructed in homage to "Senor de los Milagros" (Lord of the Miracles). Both of these are major attractions of Calacala, which is constantly visited by national and foreign tourists.

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