Tailor Made Tours

Fully Customized Itinerary for your bespoke Bolivia travel experience

Personalized itineraries. Flexible schedules. Private small groups. Bolivia Your Way.

Tailor Made Tours

Fully Customized Itinerary for your bespoke Bolivia travel experience

Personalized itineraries. Flexible schedules. Private small groups. Bolivia Your Way.

Tailor Made Tours

Fully Customized Itinerary for your bespoke Bolivia travel experience

Personalized itineraries. Flexible schedules. Private small groups. Bolivia Your Way.

More than a private tour, we custom design your itinerary in Bolivia unique to your needs.

We understand that two journeys are not the same. In close consultation with you, we will design your custom tour in Bolivia including the destinations and activities of your choice.

We wil create a fully customized, bespoke premium day-by-day itinerary for you.

As a serious provider of tourist services around Bolivia, we work only with responsible and certified tour operators, hotels, airlines, and bus companies.

We regularly travel to the regions you will be visiting. Our travel advisors can offer invaluable suggestions for things to see and do while you are there. We customize your itinerary in a way that makes the most out of your time and budget. Your unique itinerary will be created by someone who has extensive firsthand knowledge of the destinations, accommodation and other logistics.

For larger groups or at your request we can offer a Travel Concierge for your Bolivia trip.

Talk to our Bolivia experts about your requirements for your trip to Bolivia.



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Who is it for?

A custom tour is ideal for couples, multi-generational families, individuals and small groups. We offer all intrepid explorers an intriguing means to discover unforgettable and timeless locales from major cities to the remote countryside in a private, personalized atmosphere.

How it works?

Your itinerary and budget will be defined by the amount of time you have, and your specific interests. Our Bolivia Experts will custom design your private expedition.

Our expertise

The experts at BoliviaTravelSite oversee your journey with nothing left to chance. We are your personal curators, selecting the areas of interest appealing to your group. When we combine your imagination and our connections, the opportunities are infinite.

Inspiring and Unique Destinations

BoliviaTravelSite is the premier custom private tour operator in Bolivia with local teams in the most beautiful places across Bolivia.

Tailor made experiences in La Paz city

Marvel at the amazing topography of this 'breathtaking' city, situated in a valley that suddenly drops away from the windswept high-altitude Altiplano plains and snow-capped mountains above. Shop for magical remedies at the Witches' Market, discover the alien landscapes of the Moon Valley and stroll on the cobblestoned colonial streets looking for the perfect souvenirs. You can also decide to take an excursion to ancient Tiwanaku or brave the Death Road on a bicyle.

Discover La Paz
Titicaca lake custom tour

Walk the streets of Copacabana, a small but picturesque town on the shores of the lake and see how the locals bless their vehicles at the cathedral. Take a boat ride to the the stunning Sun Island, a sacred island where the Inca believed the sun was born, and the Moon Island where priestesses known as ñustas used to live. Savour local trout on the beach or hike up Calvario hill in repentance. Alternatively, visit the totora boat makers in Huatajata.

Mysterious Titicaca

After taking the best photos of your life in the great white expanse, enjoy a delicious llama steak barbecue. Take an unforgettable hike on Incahuasi Island covered by gian cactii, followed by wine and cheese at sunset. You can also ride a bicycle and marvel at the starry sky in this truly otherwordly place. A 3 day expedition to discover the whole area filled with colorful lagoons, deserts and volcanoes should be on your bucket-list as well.

The Uyuni salt plains
Custom Sucre and Potosí Tour

One of the most picturesque colonial cities in America, Sucre was built from the riches of Cerro Rico in Potosí. A tour of the White city is a must, while more adventurous travelers may venture into the infamous mines. For a culinary experience try Boca del Sapo or enjoy a dinner with a spectacular folkloric show.

Colonial Sucre and Potosí
Bolivian Amazon

Bolivia is one of the best countries on the continent to visit the Amazon region, boasting prisitne natural parks and jungles. The best known place for jungle and pampas tours is Rurrenabaque, but you can also take a relaxed cruise on the Mamoré river with Reina del Enin floating hotel, stopping for hikes and a chance to swim with pink river dolphins or fish for pirañas.

The Bolivian Amazon
Jesuit Missions

Combining art, architecture, culture, music and nature, the Jesuit missions built in the second half of the XVII century showcase an extraordinary legacy. These are the only Jesuit missions in South America that survived after the expulsion of the Jesuits from the Spanish Empire.

Oruro Carnival

A rather depressing high-altitude mining town during most of the year, Oruro truly comes alive during the Carnival season. One of South America's most authentic and famous celebrations, The Oruro Carnival mixes religious and traditional andean themes in a lavish party that goes on for days with music and thousands of dancers!

Oruro Carnival
Santa Cruz

The Bolivian Oriente is quite different from Bolivia's traditional highland image and is usually not in Bolivian tourist brochures. Tour the pre-Inca ruins near the village of Samaipata or embark on a revolutionary pilgrimage to where Che Guevara was killed near Vallegrande. There are lots of great hikes and an abundance of wildlife at Amboró National Park where the ecosystems of the Chaco, the Amazon Basin and the Andes meet.

Santa Cruz

Bolivia's oldest national park is home to the world's highest forest, towering volcanoes, natural hot springs and mysterious ancient ruins. An ideal place for outdoor adventurers who yearn to escape the tourist crowds, the Sajama National Park offers breathtaking natural scenery and wildlife as well as scenic hikes around highland lakes. The lovely scenic village of Curahuara de Carangas is home to a church that has been called the "Sistine Chapel of the Altiplano" for its beautiful paintings.



How it works?

Private Tour vs. Custom Experience – What is the difference?

Many tour companies have regularly scheduled tours that they will offer to host privately at a premium price. Some even have a pre-defined route, vendor relationships and start-end times that they may allow you to customize, to a limited extent.

Our tailor made tours are based on what we learn about you. Yes, they are private, but they are also fully customized. This is exclusively your experience. It takes time, resources, connections, and communication between you and us, so we can build a trusted relationship in order to build a custom itinerary.

So, if you're looking for creativity, flexibility, authentic connections, value, and personalization, you've come to the right people.

How your journey will unfold

BoliviaTravelSite will craft your private tour based on your needs. Ideal for families looking to share a special memory, couples and friends enjoying a getaway, your personalized itinerary will be as broad or specific, relaxed or adventure-seeking as you require.

1. We discuss

It begins with a conversation. Tell us when you’re coming, who your travel companions are, and what brings you to our lovely country. Share your hopes for your experience, the time you have available, and your budget expectations.

Through further conversations we'll delve deeper into what makes you tick so we can manage your expectations and customize your itinerary.

2. We Plan

You'll be presented with an overview and budget that is then refined until you are fully satisfied with the design for your trip.

You have the flexibility to start and end when and where you desire, and see what you want to see at your own comfortable pace.

3. We Deliver

Our local teams will go out of their way to make sure that everything goes as planned and your experience is truly unforgettable.

Freaquently asked questions

1. How many days do I need to visit Bolivia?

Ideally you would need about 6 to 10 days, depending on the tourist attractions you wish to include in your itinerary. The main attractions are located in various departments and the distances between them are considerable. We can help you with plane tickets to cut travel time, but some are only accessible by land, such as Lake Titicaca and Toro Toro National Park.

Contact us via Whatsapp, Skype or e-mail. Let us know how much time you would like to spend in Bolivia and which attractions you wish to visit, and we will send you a detailed itinerary and prices.

2. What level of comfort is offered during the tailor made tours?

You chose the level of comfort for your trip to Bolivia. The itinerary can include accomodation ranging from 5 star hotels to basic shelters. You can also choose the type of transport: we can include private transfers, plane tickets or bus tickets. We can arrange private buses just for your group. You can choose to include shared, private or both types of tours in your itinerary. Let us know the type of experience you are looking for and we will draft the ideal trip for you!

3. Which are the destinations one should not miss in Bolivia?

Bolivia offers beautiful and little explored tourist attractions, as well as world famous destinations. The most important and well-known destination is the Uyuni Salt Flat. This region has many places to see, from colored deserts, geysers, volcanoes and strange rock formations to colorful lagoons. We recommend you to spend at least 3 days in the region to enjoy it fully.

The second most important tourist destination in Bolivia is Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Discovering the beauty of the lake by boat is an unforgettable experience: the fresh air and the blue waters are captivating. Complete your experience by trekking on the Sun and Moon Islands and enjoy a traditional Andean buffet lunch. During the trek you can enjoy the marvellous views of the lake. You will visit the ruins of Chincana and Pilcocaina. The Chincana ruins were worshipped as the birthplace of the first Incas: Manco Kapac and Mama Okllo, son and daughter of Viracocha.

If you like adrenaline, you should not miss out on a bicycle ride on the famous Death Road. Insurance is mandatory.

Nature lovers may visit the Eduardo Avaroa, Toro Toro, Madidi, Sajama, Tunari, Isiboro Sécure, Noel Kempff Mercado, Carrasco, Manuripi, Tariquía, Sama National Parks.

For architecture and history, visit the colonial cities of Sucre and Potosí, where the history of Bolivia and the mining industry are on display. The Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitania are famous for the beautiful churches built by the missionaries.

4. How safe is Bolivia?

Bolivia is safer than its neighbours. By taking common sense precautions while traveling and staying away from known trouble areas, you can make your trip as safe and enjoyable as in any other part of the world.

The following article gives detailed information and tips about safety in Bolivia:

Safety while travelling in Bolivia.

5. How to stay healthy in Bolivia?

The most common concerns are altidude sickness and stomach problems. Both can be avoided (or at least lessened) with a little foresight.

The following article gives detailed information about staying healthy while travelling in Bolivia:

Health tips while travelling in Bolivia.

6. Do I have to travel to Bolivia on certain dates?

No. As these trips are tailor-made, you can depart on any date you wish (depending on flights) and for as long as you wish.

The itineraries provided on our website are suggestions only and you can change any aspect to suit your tastes and budget. Our destination specialists will always be happy to provide advice and answer your questions.

7. Isn't it easier and cheaper to arrange the holiday myself?

Many travellers like the independence that tailor-made travel brings, without the 'regimentation' of organised group tours, but with the reassurance of our professional planning and back-up services. For example, if a flight that we've booked is delayed or cancelled, we will re-arrange your travel in Bolivia accordingly.

This way you won't be needing to put in a good deal of time re-organising your plans, when you should be enjoying the trip. We sometimes hear from travellers claiming that they can independently organise the same trip for a lower price. Almost invariably it is not 'like for like' and they usually find more frustrations and incur much more expenses during their travels.

Our knowledge of Bolivia and its attractions will undoubtedly make your trip go smoother and help you save precious time and money.

8. Why would you use BoliviaTravelSite?

Because you're a savvy traveler looking for a deeper, richer, authentic travel experience. You've utilized private tour services in other countries and understand the scope and concept of using a custom service in order to maximize your trip. You believe the adage, 'You Get What You Pay For'. You realize the value and efficiency in working with a team of local experts, saving you considerable time and resources in trying to pull this together on your own. You prefer to get off the beaten path, escaping the ordinary. You recognize that Bolivia is a unique and challenging place to visit so you need someone 'on the ground' who knows what's what.

9. How much does this cost?

Our rates are determined by the regions you plan to visit in Bolivia and the level of comfort you are looking for. Once your plan is in place we'll provide an estimate of all anticipated costs. Your itinerary and budget are finely tailored to include what you want, and nothing you don't.

10. Are these regularly scheduled tours?

These are not scripted tours. We schedule your unique experience based on your specific needs and availability. For your peace of mind, our time is your time so you're able to feel relaxed, flexible, spontaneous and yet, well-managed.

11. What is the maximum/minimum group size?

To ensure you have a personal experience, your group will consist of you and your family/friends/colleagues, only. We never mix groups, or put you with strangers. We've found the most enjoyable experiences happen when everyone can fit into a single discreet vehicle; that way, everyone feels like their needs are being met, and voices are heard allowing you to chat en route to your next adventure. That could be a 4x4 jeep, an SUV, a tourist van or even a chartered bus. The more intimate the group, the better, but if your needs and budget have flexibility to scale up, give us a call and we'll make it work. There is no minimum: if it's just you, we look forward to becoming your travel companion.

12. What happens if the weather or some other unforeseen circumstance interferes with our plans?

We'll adapt – you've hired the best, and we'll make something work, or reschedule, time permitting. The benefit of having your own private itinerary is greater adaptability, creativity and flexibility so unpredictable weather doesn't interfere with your enjoyment.

13. Can you help me - I am a travel agent/event planner?

Absolutely. Tell us what you need and we'll help make you shine.

14. What if we need to cancel?

Depending on the time remaining until the planned start of the trip, we will attempt to make a refund for the arranged services. The amounts we can refund will depend on the cancellation policies of each operator/hotel we have booked for you, but we always make an effort to return as much as possible.

Sample Itineraries for trips tailored to your interests and your budget.

  • Puno - Copacabana - La Paz - Uyuni - San Pedro de Atacama
  • Sucre - Potosí - Uyuni
  • La Paz - Tiwanaku - Copacabana - Isla del Sol - Puno
  • Torotoro

We can help you with hotel and flight bookings, private transportation, private buses for groups, custom tours, unique destinations and premium experiences in Bolivia.

Best of Bolivia Premium from La Paz 6 Days

Best of Bolivia in 6 days

Highlights of your itinerary

  • Navigate on the highest lake of the Planet "Titicaca Lake".
  • Enjoy breath taking nature views in the Uyuni Area: Uyuni Salt Flat, Colorada Lagoon, Colored Desert, geysers and more.
  • Discover La Paz city. The New7Wonders Cities. The city's dramatic setting can be taken in an aerial cable car system ride.
  • Relax in Sucre, watching beautiful colonial architecture and visiting interesting museums.

Steps to getting your own custom made itinerary:

Step 1

Browse our sample tour itineraries to see if any of them describe your dream trip.

Step 2

Check out our unforgettable experiences to see if you would like to add some of them to your tour itinerary.

Step 3

E-mail or contact us via Skype to start tailoring your perfect trip. Our travel experts will design your trip into a detailed itinerary. We will keep perfecting your program until you are completely happy and ready to book.

Please fill this form to begin planning your trip:

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