Private Tours

Why book a Private tour with us?

The Private tour itineraries are flexible. You can choose at what time do you want to start and end your tour

Private tours include private transportation and accommodation of your preference. You can choose the level comfort you would like during your tour.

As you are not sharing the tour with other tourist, you can spend more time enjoying the tourist spots.

Private tours are ideal for families traveling with children since children need more attention and more stops during the tour.

We can vary the tour itinerary according to your interests.

We offer a special service to seniors and families looking for escorted tours. We understand that sometimes the language barrier may prevent you from fully enjoying your trip to a country. We love Bolivia and we are happy to show you around. Request our special escorted tour service.

Private tours are ideal for honeymooners. Please feel free to request advice about romantic or unique activities and destinations in Bolivia.

Online support when you need it. Contact us at [email protected]