Uyuni Group Deals

Uyuni group deals

We are pleased to offer special services and pricing to groups.

Travelling in a group has several benefits:

  1. Prices are more competitive than for a private tour, as the costs are divided between the group members.

  2. The tour leaves on the day of your choice. We can begin the tour by transporting the group from outside Bolivia. Tours may start from Puno, Peru or San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.

  3. You can design your own itinerary including tourist attractions of your choice.

  4. Enjoy more time at the tourist attractions of the Uyuni area, as there is no fixed itinerary.

  5. We can include the accomodations of your choice in your itinerary. Depending on availability, groups can choose from a selection of recommended hotels.

  6. The group may include in the itinerary other tourist attractions in Bolivia.


*Please note that we are unable to respond to e-mail addresses due to restrictions by AOL's filters for Bolivia.