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Oruro Carnival Travel Advice and Tips

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Important tips and useful advice for a great Oruro Carnival Experience

  • Plan your trip in advance; due the Carnival season demand it is almost impossible get accommodation upon arrival in Oruro city.
  • Consider that the lodging rates escalate tremendously in Oruro city for the Carnival season.
  • Once you arrive in Oruro, locate the emergency, aid and help services.
  • Make a research about the recommended places to stay or eat.
  • Choose the recommended and legally established places (restaurants, hotels, residenciales, alojamientos among others).
  • Keep in contact with friends and family back home and give them a copy of your travel itinerary so they know where you are.
  • Distribute your money, credit cards and your documents into different pockets.
  • Take good care of your camera or video camera or any device that could catch the burglars' attention.
  • If you are travelling by car be sure that you closed the vehicle doors and windows when you park even though you just go away for a moment.
  • Try to walk in groups and on well lighted streets.

What to bring to the Oruro Carnival?

  • Raincoat it is very important due the tradition of playing with water balloons and something similar to the shaving foam you are going to get wet.
  • Sun Block
  • Moisturizing cream, due the dry and cold climate is important to use it.
  • Sun glasses
  • Warm clothes
  • Camera to take spectacular pictures of Oruro Carnival Parade

Emergency Phone Numbers:

  • Emergencies 911
  • Red cross 5275948
  • General Hospital 5277408
  • PAC 118 or 5251933
  • Police 110
  • Fire fighters 119
  • Bus Terminal 5279535
  • Train station 5274605
  • Obrero Hospital 5240920
  • Public assitance 5251404
  • Telephone numbers information 104

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