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Sajama National Park , Oruro

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Sajama National Park
Sajama National Park Sajama National Park Sajama National Park Sajama National Park

The National Park Sajama is located to the Northwest of the Oruro Department in the Sajama Province. The municipalities involved are Turk and Curahuara de Carangas. The park has a surface of 100,230 hectares (1,002 km2).

The Area is close to the La Paz Department and the border with Chile. The Sajama park was the first Protected Area created in Bolivia. It has an exceptional beauty due to the presence of the imposing snow covered Sajama mountain, high andean lagoons, thermal waters and andinismo routes. The park has archaeological and historic places of cultural value as the Chullpas, pictographs, pre-Colombian ruins and colonial churches like Curahuara de Carangas. It borders with the Lauca park in Chile and of the Ciudad de Piedras in La Paz.

The Area occupies the region of the Western or Volcanic mountain Range, characterized for its extensive altiplano (high plain), altoandinas lagoons, and imposing volcanic cones as the Payachatas and the snowcovered Sajama Mountain which is the highest peak in Bolivia.

The vegetation of the Altoandino zone presents hard and salty grasses. The bobedades cover 10% of the Area and constitute the most important vegetation for the environment. There are 108 registered species of fauna, among them the vicuna and endemic small birds. The human occupation in the Area is thousands of years old. The settlers are of Aymara origin and belong to the Kananga ethnic group. The total population is near to 1,000 inhabitants

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