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Madidi National Park , Beni

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Madidi National Park
Madidi National Park Madidi National Park Madidi National Park Madidi National Park

The National Park Madidi is located to the Northeast of La Paz in the Franz Tamayo, Abel Iturralde and Larecaja Provinces. The park borders to the West with Peru. It has a surface of 1.895.750 hectares (18,957 km2). The climate is cold at the mountain range area, warm at the mountainous intermediate lands and hot at the north lands. The altitude varies between 6,000 and 200 meters above the sea level.

The Area has a wonderful diversity of physiographic environments, from the Apolobamba high mountain range until the Amazon area, including mountainous regions and the Sub Andinean system.

It is the protected area with the most diversity of flora: 5,000 to 6,000 species. Madidi is one of the most biologically diverse protected areas on the planet. There are species such as the quenua, huaycha, iotavio, enogal, yuraj huaycha, pinos de montecoca silvestre, aliso, chachacoma, yaruma, aliso colorado, arrayan, Limache, sauco, laurel, coloradillo del monte, quina, isigo, bilka, bibosi, guitarrero and bizcochelo. There are also numerous species of wood like mara, cedro, palo maria and ochoo. At the same time the park counts with 733 species of fauna. Among the mammals we can mention the jucumari and eyeglasses bear, Andean cat or titi, taruca or Andean deer venado de cola blanca or ciervo, puma, jaguar, tigrecillo, tropero, ciervo de los pantanos, londra, marimono, manechi and several species of the callitrichidae family. Among the birds are the crestuda eagle, tunqui, harpia, endemic colibries and various small bird species. Up to now 620 species of birds have been registered. Nevertheless a total of 1,100 species of birds are estimated to live in the Area, a number that represents 90% of the bird life in Bolivia.

The Madidi National Park can be reached from Rurrenabaque.

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