Hotel Tayka de Sal, Uyuni

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Address: On the shores of the Uyuni Salt Flat, near the village of Tahua.

The Hotel de Sal is located on a beautiful plateau near the village of Tahua, on the foothills of Thunupa volcano, 110 km west from the town of Uyuni, at the height of 3700 meters above sea level.

The hotel has a perfect location to explore the edge of the year. This place is a little gem hidden in the area. The monumental Thunupa volcano offers unparalleled views. On clear days you can see both the Uyuni and the Coipasa salt flats from its peak. The Chiquini Cave lets you enter a place of strange beauty. The Tahua Bay offers a different, private experience, away from the large groups of tourists that have become so common around the village of Colchani.

Hotel Tayka de Sal, Uyuni
Hotel Tayka de Sal, Uyuni Hotel Tayka de Sal, Uyuni Hotel Tayka de Sal, Uyuni

As its name suggests, the Hotel de Sal (spanish for Salt Hotel) is almost entirely made of pure salt from the Uyuni Salt Flats. It is an attraction in itself. In addition, it. The hotel is part of a chain of 4 eco hotels owned by the local communities.

Tahua is located on the northwest bank of the Salar, about 120 km from Uyuni, and at the foot of the majestic Thunupa volcano. Its inhabitants are mainly dedicated to the raising of llamas and the cultivation of quinoa, some of them are also engaged in the extraction of salt.

There are multiple legends about the Tunupa volcano and the formation of the Salar. Most of them say that Thunupa was a woman of extraordinary beauty and that it was she who, following a love affair, created the salar.

The hotel faces the Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni) and offers overwhelming views over the surrounding desert of 12,000 square Km. Due to its strategic location on the very best viewpoint in this part of the Andes, a vast number of activities are available to the guests in the immediate surroundings of the lodge.

We recommend a hike to nearby Isla Pescado/Incahuasi Island, or a visit to the exotic salt harvesting and processing plants.

Numerous other activities are oriented towards nature and ancient cultures such as a visit to Pukara Chillima viewpoint and Huayjala Canyon in the immediate surroundings.

The views from all areas of the hotel are magnificent.

Room Facilities

The rooms and common areas are cozy and comfortable. There are single double and triple rooms with private bathrooms.

All rooms have running and hot water, heating, hotel beds and cleaning service.

Hotel Services

Enjoy a delicious and complete breakfast in the hotel restaurant or on the terrace.

  • The hotel has a restaurant and cafeteria with a large terrace overlooking the salt flat. The restaurant offers breakfast (included in the rate), lunch, dinner, box lunch, lunch en route, special menu upon request. The cafeteria has a special à la carte menu.
  • Wifi - Available in the restaurant area.
  • Electricity and heating.

Additional Services

Numerous other activities are oriented towards nature and ancient cultures such as a visit to Pukara Chillima viewpoint and Huayjala Canyon in the immediate surroundings.

Get Inspired

Grazing llamas
Participate in one of the main activities of the members of the community, a unique experience.

Enjoy a cultural celebration directed to the goddess of Thunupa who lives in the volcano. It is a musical performance with dance, mysticism and joy.

The ritual of sharing food among the members of a community is known among the Aymara as apthapi and is a heritage of the people. The word comes from the word apthapiña, which means "to gather from the harvest."

Hike to the Tunupa Volcano Viewpoint
Enjoy a walk with a local guide, learn about the legends that surround this mythical volcano and the panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Hotel Policies

About the Community


The Community Association running this hotel is called ATIPA (Community Association of Tahua Tunupa Inti Pueblo Andino). Each year its members hold community work sessions to maintain and improve the hotel's salt infrastructure. In addition, they meet monthly with the Hotel Manager to discuss the operation of the Hotel.

For every tourist who visits the hotel ATIPA receives 1 dollar. In addition, by owning 40% the Association receives dividends every year. With this income, ATIPA has created a common fund that it uses for the benefit of all its members. These funds have helped pay part of the medical expenses of one of the partners, who suffered a serious accident while working. With these funds, ATIPA also built a lookout point on the Tunupa volcano (from where you have a privileged view of the Salar) and contributed to the improvement of the road this with the hope of attracting more tourists to the area.

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