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Tiquipaya, Cochabamba

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Tiquipaya Tiquipaya Tiquipaya Tiquipaya

Tiquipaya is also known as the city of the flowers. It hosts many dairy farmers and is known as a well visited and productive zone with surprising climatic diversity due to valleys, high plains, and sub-tropical regions.

At a site called "los molinos" lies a beautiful 12 meter waterfall.

Tiquipaya's most noteworthy foods are trout and Pampakku in various styles. One of the most important festivals is San Miguel Arcangel on the 23rd of October. San Isidro-Llank'acu has very important fairs on the 14th of May.

Tiquipaya's trout fair on14th of September, and flower festival on the first week of October always draw throngs of guests to indulge in the town's finest crafts.

The best places for adventure tourism are expeditions to the lakes of Escalerani and Lake Mayu which both provide water to Cochabamba.

Chapicirca is a rich potato producing region, and hundreds of llamas and alpacas roam in Pampa Tiquiri. Huari Pucara (in Quechua: a fortress in the high plains) sports many gorgeous lakes.

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