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La Cancha, Cochabamba

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La Cancha
La Cancha La Cancha La Cancha La Cancha

One of the city's biggest attractions is La Cancha, the city market on the south side of town and the largest open-air market in South America. Clothing, food, souvenirs, or books, the Cancha has it all.

La Cancha is open seven days a week in Cochabamba, with Wednesday and Saturday being the busiest days of operation. Here merchants sell everything imaginable from witchcraft talismans to LCD TVs and iPods. The market is organised and divided in areas depending on the wares being sold.

The origin of the La Cancha market goes back to the days prior to the founding of the city and it is the best popular and traditional expression of Cochabamba. We find other fairs with similar characteristics in Quillacollo, Colcapirhua, Sacaba, Cliza, Vinto, Punata, Tarata and Tiquipaya, once per week on different days.

The market district spills out along Av. San Martin, which runs north from the Cancha to the center.

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