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Incallajta, Cochabamba

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Incallajta Incallajta Incallajta Incallajta

To the north of the city of Totora hugging the Cordillera de Cochabamba the landscape changes rapidly to reveal the stunning ruins of Incallajta. The ruins are located about two hours and fifteen minutes drive or 142 Km from the city of Cochabamba.

The great fortress of Incallajta is a testament to the splendor of the Inca Empire, its massive stone constructions covering roughly 12 hectares following the natural inclines of its protected mountainous location. Some researchers now believe that the complex predates the Incas by around 700 years and served other functions in addition to defense, but this magnificent site is very understudied by archeologists.

This national monument has stunning features like "La Kallanka" a single building whose still standing stone walls measure 22 meters wide and 78 meters long, making it one of the largest pre-Colombian roofed buildings of the hemisphere.

The nearby waterfall called Pajcha was likely a site of ritual ceremonies.

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