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Incachaca, Cochabamba

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Incachaca Incachaca Incachaca Incachaca

Incachaca or "Inca Bridge" is found at 93 Km from the city of Cochabamba. Following a detour off the road which goes to the Chapare, at the height of the town of Paracti at kilometer 62, we can reach this beautiful historical and arqueological place. Here we find the first electrical powerhouse of Cochabamba.

Incachaca hosts beautiful waterfalls, semi-subterranean cascades, and natural springs gurgling with fresh water.

Incachaca has an incredible natural beauty with a hot climate, Yungas vegetation, a temperature of 25 Celsius and strong rain. The crystal clear waters of the Alisu Mayu River slide sideways, thus eroding the rocky bed and creating gorges, tunnels, underground falls and rock formations, thus originating the "Devil's Window and Throat" to finish in a type of still pool called "El Baño de la Nusta".

Short walks can take you to interesting places like: a hanging bridge over a deep gorge, beautiful waterfalls, impressive rock formations and other beautiful natural places.

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