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Puno Bus Terminal

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The Terminal Terrestre houses Puno's long-distance bus companies. It is located about two kilometers from the Plaza de Armas.

Bus Stations in Puno

About Puno Terminal – Civa

Address: Jr. Primero de Mayo 703 (Simon Bolivar 1247)
Puno, Peru
Phone number: ++51 (051) 36 4080

Puno has three main bus terminals. To find buses traveling to national and international destinations, you need to go to the Terminal Terrestre, located about two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the Plaza de Armas (Jr. Primero de Mayo 703. Tel. 364-733) or three blocks down Ricardo Palma from Av. El Sol. In the terminal you will find tourism information desks, shops, tour operators, a health clinic, a pharmacy, internet and phone booths, some restaurants, bathrooms and a luggage deposit.

The Terminal Terrestre houses Puno's long-distance bus companies. The terminal has an ATM and charges a departure tax of 1.50 Peruvian Soles, which you must pay in a separate booth in the middle of the terminal before departure. They will put a sticker on your ticket to show that you've paid.

Hostal Terminal is located in the terminal, on the 2nd floor. It has clean, sunny and warm rooms with hot water. It is a bit noisy but practical if you would like to stay 1 night.

Puno bus station on a map

About Puno

Puno is a port city on the shores of Lake Titicaca.It is located at an altitude of over 3800 meters, on the Altiplano of Peru. The city's main attractions are that it is a departure point for the famous Uros floating islands on Lake Titicaca and its proximity to the Bolivian border. It is a regular stop for tourists on their way to Bolivia and it's famous Uyuni salt desert.

If you need additional information about the accessibility of the bus station, try to call Puno Bus Terminal - Civa phone number or contact our customer service for help.

Getting to Puno

The nearest airport is located in Juliaca town about 50 kilometers away. Flights go to Juliaca from Lima and Cuzco. It is the fastest way to get to Puno. Trains to and from Cuzco travel 3 times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

By bus

Bus tickets and bus schedules for the Puno Terminal

Buses arriving from the north do not go through Puno's town center but travel along Av. Circunvalación, and enter the bus station from the southern part of Puno.

Daily buses depart to and from Cuzco and Arequipa. The journey from Cusco to Puno takes between 5 and 8 hours, depending on road conditions and the bus company.

Cruz del Sur bus is the most popular bus company to get from Cusco, Arequipa, and other popular tourist towns to Puno.

TourPeru leaves at 08:00 and 22:00 hours. The journey takes about 7 hours and there are no stops.

Transzela leaves at 08:00 from Cusco to Puno, arriving at 15:00 hours.

Inka express has a special tourist bus leaving at 07:30 from Puno with several stops to take photos. This bus takes 8 hours to get to Cusco.

Daily buses depart to and from La Paz, Bolivia on two slightly different routes.

  1. Direct route via Desaguadero. This would appear to be the fastest route, but take into consideration that Desaguadero is the border crossing for cargo trucks, which can pile up for several kilometers at the border, thus making the trip significantly longer.
  2. Via ferry boat across Lake Titicaca at Tiquina strait and via Copacabana. This is the preferred route for tourists and includes spectacular views of the lake and the chance to visit the Sun and Moon islands from Copacabana.

Buses to Copacabana and La Paz in Bolivia from Puno

Trans Titicaca Bolivia Bus Company provides transportation between Puno, Copacabana and La Paz. The company has recently opened operations to the Salar de Uyuni as well, so now you can travel with a single bus company from Puno to Uyuni via La Paz.

Buses stop at immigration and include the ferry fare across the Strait of Tiquina.

Note that the border closes at 19:00 Peruvian time. If you come back from an Uros - Amantani - Taquile boat at 15:00, you should be able to make it across but don't waste any time.

Puno Buses

  • Arequipa, 5 hours
  • Cuzco, 7-8 hours
  • Juliaca, 1 hour
  • Lima, 18-21 hours
  • Copacabana, Bolivia, 3 hours
  • La Paz, Bolivia, 5-6 hours

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