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San Jacinto Dam, Tarija

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San Jacinto Dam
San Jacinto Dam San Jacinto Dam San Jacinto Dam San Jacinto Dam

The San Jacinto dam was built in 1978 to generate hydroelectric power and to regulate the irrigation of 3300 hectares of crops. The artificial lake that it houses has become one of the favorite places for the tarijeños to go to disconnect, walk or get out of the city.

It is a medium-sized lake, ideal for a visit of a couple of hours and has panoramic views and the vegetation fits perfectly with the colors of the water.

In addition, there is the dam and although it is small it is interesting to visit, especially during the rainy season when the water passes through the overflow.

Next to the dam is a series of booths, which are one of the services that visitors can enjoy. Here you can enjoy a variety of fish from the area, along with other types of dishes such as chirriadas that are a kind of corn tortillas, humintas and crabs to calm your hunger.

The most interesting thing about is that in many of these places they still use the wood-burning stoves, and the fire provides unique aromas.

They prepare doraditos, carp, tarpon, crabs, misquinchos, pacú, peanut soup, chicken pepper, piglet on the cross.

You can rent a boat and enjoy the stillness of the water and the landscapes of beautiful mountains in the background.

If you are in Tarija and you have a few hours off (arriving at the dam only takes 15 minutes), we recommend that you make this walk, as it will be an experience you will not forget.

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