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Sama Mountain Range, Tarija

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Sama Mountain Range
Sama Mountain Range Sama Mountain Range Sama Mountain Range Sama Mountain Range

The Biological Reserve of Sama is located in the Western region of Tarija, in the Avilez, Cercado and Mendez Provinces. It has a surface of 108,500 hectares (1,085 km2). The Sama mountain Range plays an important role in the water provision for the city of Tarija and smaller rural populations.

The park is located at the Codillera Oriental Sur (Sama Mountain range). Its hydrography is defined by the Tajzara basins, and of San Juan de Oro and Guadalquivir rivers. The Sama park is part of Altoandinean ecosystems such us Ptradera de Puna Semiarida and the Seco Mesotermico valley characterized by different types of microfoliados wood.

In the region there are quenua, aliso, pino del cerro and yaretales forests. The Area is habitat of important fauna like the condor, puma, vicuna, gato andino or titi, taruca or anndean deer, vizcacha and three species of flamencos. Around 4,000 people live in the park distributed between 12 communities. The population of the high part of the Reserve is of Quechua and Aymara origin. There are places of high archaeological value (ruins of Inca origin and paintings caves) as well.

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