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Casa Dorada, Tarija

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Casa Dorada
Casa Dorada Casa Dorada Casa Dorada Casa Dorada

The Casa Dorada (Golden House) has as one of its main features its highly symmetrical design. The front resembles a single tile made of several columns. The top portion has window openings with a semicircular groined arch atop of each one. These all have designs from the Renaissance and Florentine periods. Also, there are several statues of women in triumphant positions (Victorias).

The external design of the Casa Dorada maintains the harmony with the internal spaces of the construction, especially with the main dancehalls. The halls every year are used to welcome hundreds of visitors to the traditional International Festival of Guitar and Piano.

Artistic expressions, such as theatre, music and dance, have made the "Casa Dorada" one of the main cultural stages of the region.

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