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Itas City , Potosi

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Itas City
Itas City Itas City Itas City Itas City

Itas city is located to the west of Toro Toro town. This unique place has huge rocky formations whose particular shape resembles a real city. The stone walls and roofs present cavities that create amazing visual effects with the help of sunlight.

Itas city also has cave paintings, suggesting pre-colonial activity in the surroundings. During the journey through this area it is also possible to visit small lagoons: a natural spectacle to be enjoyed.

Itas city is located 21 kilometers to the west of Toro Toro town. To get to Itas city it is advisable to take a tour and use 4x4 vehicles for transportation. It also is possible to hire a guide and trek to this natural attraction.


All visitors must register in the Toro Toro Tourism office located in the town main square to buy the Toro Toro National Park entrance ticket (Nationals: Bs. 20, Foreigners: Bs. 30)

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