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Betanzos, Potosi

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Betanzos Betanzos Betanzos Betanzos

Lajasmayu I and II, these are considered to be the most important sites of rupestrian art within this zone, exhibiting a variety of magnificent samples.

Like other mountainous regions, the Andes harbor numerous rock shelters and caves that served, from the beginning, as a shelter from the harsh climate. Many of these shelters are adorned by paintings and rock engravings that show symbols and iconographic representations of a distant past, but that nevertheless managed to survive the passage of time.

The Lajasmayu community is located in the vicinity of the town of Betanzos, about 40 kms from the city of Potosí. Within the territory of this community are numerous sites with paintings and rock engravings, most of which are embodied in an impressive sandstone wall running north-south. This unique geological formation belongs to the synclinal movement of Betanzos.

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