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Yotala, Chuquisaca

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Yotala Yotala Yotala Yotala

Yotala is a unique place, a small and peaceful colonial city, which is perfect to rest and relax. The climate of this area is mild and pleasant.

Yotala is a small town that still maintains the colonial and republican style with old and narrow rock paved streets. The most important folkloric-religious event is celebrated annually on the 30thof August during the feast of Santa Rosa.

Emerging from a long chain of mountains pickled by canyons and waterfalls,Yotala is a very picturesque town. Its narrow, stoned paved streets and old homes, take visitors back in time to the colonial times.

At 14 kilometers from Sucre, on the highway to Potosi is the small town of Yotala.

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