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La Recoleta Convent, Chuquisaca

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La Recoleta Convent
La Recoleta Convent La Recoleta Convent La Recoleta Convent La Recoleta Convent

This construction dominates the landscape of the city, resting at the bottom of the Churuquella mountain.

Founded by Fray Francisco Morales in 1600 as the Convent of the Franciscan Priests. The church was reconstructed in the XIX century and its basic construction consists of a main-single vessel with a chapel that has been attached to one of its sides. The portal has two twin towers, one on each side. It has a portal with several pilasters or square based columns which serve to support a triangular entrance. The main altar does not have a series of carvings; the other two lower altars have a neo-gothic style of decor and were built during the last century. The area which has been built a little bit higher for the choir of the "Recoleta" has several rows of chairs carved on cedar; it has several baroque-style carvings with the shape of flowers which date back to the XVII century.

The Convent has three cloisters or monastic states and an additional one, this last one is known as the patio of the orange trees. A natural attraction of this construction is a large tree placed in the center, which is 1400 years old, this tree was declared a National and Historical Monument in 1956.

The Look-Out Point of Recoleta is located atop of one of the seven hills where the city of Sucre was actually founded. From this spot, there is a panoramic view of all the neighborhoods and various zones of Sucre. At the Look-Out Point there is the Museum of the Recoleta Convent (Religious Retreat) and the Museum of the Children from Tanga Tanga, both places are particularly attractive, due to the uniqueness of their architecture.

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