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Quila Quila, Chuquisaca

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Quila Quila
Quila Quila Quila Quila Quila Quila Quila Quila

Some of the main attractions of Quila Quila include the main church that was constructed during the Colony, the textiles produced by the Jalq'a culture, the terraces or footpath platforms used for farming and the petroglyphs (ancient carvings made on stone) of Marka Rumi. These can be found at the foot of the Telapaqui Mountain and the pieces have anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and geometric shapes.

Quila Quila is and old colonial style town that has strong Pre-Hispanic roots,located at a height of 3,100 meters above the sea level. The streets have been built on straight angles and are surrounded by homes made of mud and roofs made of straw.

At Quila Quila we can see cultivation terraces; huge blocks of stone with petroglyphs on them, and with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures. In the surrounding areas there are also paleontological remains which are being researched with great interest.

Quila Quila is located at 26 kilometers Southwest from Sucre.

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