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Potolo, Chuquisaca

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Potolo Potolo Potolo Potolo

Potolo is a town embedded between several mountains of various colors. Throughout this area arw the native communities from the Jalq'a people, who mostly speak Quechua. This is an elaborate culture, which is welcoming to all visitors and is renowned for the beautiful textiles produced by the local residents. The pieces have several designs of animals and intricate, beautiful designs.

Potolo is famous for its conical hats and beautiful textiles that have several designs of animals such as: vicunas, llamas, eagles, condors, frogs, etc. The textiles have certain interesting names such as: llijllas and chuspas. They continue to be used and are the most typical outfits of the area. This type of clothing has a very unique and original look that has been able to withstand the test of time.

Located towards the West of the city, at 60 kilometers from Sucre.

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