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El Palmar Natural Area, Chuquisaca

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El Palmar Natural Area
El Palmar Natural Area El Palmar Natural Area El Palmar Natural Area El Palmar Natural Area

The reserve is located in the Sudanes province of Chuquisaca and has a surface of 59,484 hectares (595km2). The municipality involved is Presto. The altitude varies between 1,000 and 3,200 meters. The geography of the Area corresponds to a part of the Oriental mountain range.

The region is typically mountainous with deep canyons. In the Area there are 270 species of large plants, four of them endemic species. The vegetation consists of the thicket, sotomara, cari, k' acha k' acha, willca, and numerous thorny acacias. On the riverbanks are found the carob tree, the munchuelo, the bandor and the satajchi. Between 2,000 to 2,500 meters the dominant bushes are: chacotea, thola and tholilla. Between 2,800 to 3,200 meters is the region of sub-highland with presence of the kewina, aliso and sahuinto.

The spots of palm trees of the Parajubaea torallyi species begin approximately at 2,400 meters, continuing to 3,200 meters. 24 species of mammals were registered, of which six are on the list of CITES: the eyeglass bear, puma, Andean cat or of scrubland or titi, mount k' uchi or mountain pig. There are 112 registered species of birds belonging to 30 families. The most important are the condor, mountain turkey, Ipicua, the woodpeckers (5 species) and eight species of parrots. Moreover, six species of amphibians, five of lizards and seven of snakes were identified. There are 42 species of registered butterflies. The Area is sparsely settled by small communities of the Quechua that inhabit the valleys.

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