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Dinosaur footprints, Chuquisaca

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Dinosaur footprints
Dinosaur footprints Dinosaur footprints Dinosaur footprints Dinosaur footprints

Cal Orcko - Dinosaur tracks

The area that surrounds Sucre is of great paleontological value. At 5 kms from the city lies Cal Orcko, one of the most important pre-historic findings in the world. It is basically a giant wall that has petrified footprints of dinosaurs. This is believed to be the largest extension of its kind on the planet. Its vertical position is dut to the tectonic movements of the Earth. This finding is believed to be about 70 million years old. At this place we can also find the "Farallon de Orepajla" (an out-jutting rock).

Dinosaurs have moved through this area over 68 million years ago. The width of the wall is impressive, about 80 meters in height and 1.2 kilometers long, so there is still plenty to investigate and research in this area.

There are about 5,000 footprints, and so far 294 species of dinosaurs that have been identified. It is also believed that there used to be several lakes in the area when these animals inhabited it.

In Cal Orcko there is the largest diversity of dinosaur footprints in the world. There are footprints of Tyranosaurus, Brontosaurus, Carnivore-dinosaurs, etc. There is a great variety of petrified remains of turtles, crocodiles, fish and seaweed. The eleven prints of the Anquilosaurus have impressed scientists. Before discovering these prints in Sucre, scientists thought that this species of dinosaur had never lived in South America. There is also the longest trail of marching dinosaurs ever recorded anywhere on Earth. One of the most famous dinosaurs has been lovingly called "Johnny Walker", because it left its footprints over an extension of 347 meters.

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