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Cajamarca, Chuquisaca

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Cajamarca Cajamarca Cajamarca Cajamarca

Cajamarca is a piece of the higher portion of the valley, and has several sections of pine trees and kewinas (local species of trees) forest.

The crystal clear water of the river flows through steep rugged hills of rocks. The main tourist attractions of this area are the "dormitory-homes".

The beautiful native forest of Cajamarca is 31 kms away from the city of Sucre, in the high valley. It has pine and Quewiña forests surrounded by crystalline waters that cross numerous boulders.

Cajamarca is an ideal place for trekking and horseback riding through its beautiful forests, the existing nature lends itself to camping in the open countryside. To reach the area at the intersection of Punilla, take the road on the left, then at the junction of the community of Silvico turn to the right.

Cajamarca is considered an ecosystem that brings together different species of birds and other animals such as: the mountain cat, foxes, squirrels, vizcachas, etc. and a great variety of flora.

How to get there?

Starting from Sucre, on the road to Ravelo, you go from Punilla (Km. 21) taking the path on the left, and then at the Silvico community junction, take the path to the right, a little beyond Bramadero.

Cajamarca is located at 40 kilometers from Sucre.

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