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Island of the Sun, La Paz

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Island of the Sun
Island of the Sun Island of the Sun Island of the Sun Island of the Sun

This island is located on the Northwest end of the peninsula of Copacabana, at 14 km, (one hour and a half by boat). This island has several monuments that date back to the time prior to the colony, such as: The Pilkokaina Palace and the "Chinkana" or Labyrinth, The Stairway of the Inca, The Sacred Fountain of Internal Youth and the Incas' Terraces.


This is the main port of the island. It has several gardens and a long stairway that leads to a fountain that has three streams of water that come out of it. These three streams are supposed to symbolize the three maximum laws or commandments of the Incan Empire: "ama sua, ama llulla, ama khella", which mean: "Thou shall not steal", "Thou shall not lie" and "Thou shall not be lazy". Towards the north of this island there is the town of Yumani.


Pilkokaina is a two-story high Incan Palace, constructed by Tupac Yupanqui. The top floor has practically disappeared. It consists of a series of rooms that have niches in each one of them; there are various quarters and patios as well. The openings on the walls, which would be where the walls and windows had been in the past, have a narrower lintel in comparison to the main threshold. In order to seal the ceiling of the construction, stones placed like stairways were used to support the construction; this technique is known in architectural terms as an "Imitation Vault".


On the Northern section of the Island, away from the church of Yumani, visitors can climb all the way to the summit, where they can see the remains of several walls that were built with stone; these ruins are known as "Chinakana" or Labyrinth. Very close to that there is the "Sacred Stone" (Kaka), which contains a sacred legend about the origin of the Incas. The town where these ruins are located is known as Challapampa.

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