Tourist attractions in Tarija

Casa Dorada, Tarija

Casa Dorada

The Casa Dorada (Golden House) has as one of its main features its highly symmetrical design. The front resembles a single tile made of several columns. The top portion has window openings with a semicircular groined arch atop of each one

Historical Places

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Las Americas Avenue, Tarija

Las Americas Avenue

The Las Americas Avenue offers an extensive and beautiful stroll. Located at the side of the Guadalquivir River, it surrounds the southern part of the city.

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San Francisco Church, Tarija

San Francisco Church

Construction of the San Francisco Church began in the 17th century, although its current facade corresponds to the 18th century. In 1610, people responsible for the temple headed the foundation of La Cofradia de Nuestra Señora de la Visitacion, composed by the freed black slaves residing in the city.

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Metropolitan Cathedral of Tarija, Tarija

Metropolitan Cathedral of Tarija

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Tarija was built in 1810 by the Jesuits and declared a cathedral in 1925. At present, it runs a public school and in its interiors it harbors the Cathedral Museum that displays valuable objects such as oil paintings, silver work and gold chalices with stone inlays.

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San Roque Church, Tarija

San Roque Church

Iglesia de San Roque (the Church of San Roque) is built on wooden pitches, disposed in forms of columns. The temple has three wooden vessels in wooden and external eaves. The roof of tiles rests on a hurdle lattice. The church was remodeled in the second half of the nineteenth century by the Argentine architect Bustamante.

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San Juan Church, Tarija

San Juan Church

The San Juan Church was founded in 1632. The surrender of the Spaniards was signed here, and so the victory of the National Liberation Army was enacted, after the battle of La Tablada in April 1817. It is located in the area of the same name from which visitors can appreciate a panoramic view of the city.

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Tomatas, Tarija


Tomatas is a natural bathing resort located 5 Km. from the city of Tarija. Its beaches are bathed by waters from the Guadalquivir and Erquis rivers. Tomatas has a suspension bridge over it and a small park with a forest in it, a perfect site for an unforgettable picnic.

Natural Beauty

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San Lorenzo, Tarija

San Lorenzo

Located at 16 Km from the city of Tarija, the town of San Lorenzo displays Spanish colonial styles, wood-carved balconies and stone-layered streets. In this town is the house of Eustaquio 'Moto' Mendez, hero of Bolivia's fight for independence from the Spanish rule and a beautiful church with an archaeological style from 1709. The house is currently a museum.

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Yacuiba, Tarija


Yacuiba is a border town with Argentina and it is an important urban center. Its vegetation and fauna are diverse. A large highway links Bolivia to Argentina. Every year the FESTIFRONT event is held in Yacuiba.

Towns and villages

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Padcaya, Tarija


For those visitors who love archaeological investigations and adventure, we recommend visiting the town of Padcaya, located at 55 kilometers from Tarija. There visitors can find significant quantities of fossils and many other pieces that are worth examining and studying.

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Bermejo, Tarija


Bermejo is a border town adjoining Aguas Blancas, Argentina.It is relaxing place in which it is possible to practice fishing. The 'Festival Internacional del Lapacho' is held here. The main tourist attractions of the region are: El Chorro: A natural spa and El Cajon: Those who prefer adventure will find in 'El Cajon' the best place for sport fishing.

Towns and villages

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Coimata, Tarija


Located at 15 kilometers from the city of Tarija, Coimata is a natural attraction that has a water fall of crystalline water, which descends from two mountains. At the bottom of the fall, there is a pool that was formed naturally, and is a favorite among most visitors who enjoy its warm temperature.

Natural Beauty

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San Jacinto Dam, Tarija

San Jacinto Dam

San Jacinto dam is located at 7 kilometers from the city. There is an asphalted road leading to this site, which is perfect for long, relaxing walks, marathons and other competitions. The dam is also one of the main tourist attractions of Tarija and it is the perfect spot to practice a series of water sports, such as swimming, kayaking and fishing.

Natural Beauty

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Chaco Region, Tarija

Chaco Region

Great part of the Chaco Region is conformed by immense plains that extend towards the south. It has rich wood forests and possesses important navigable rivers, such as the Pilcomayo River. Its fishing resources feed many human settlements, such as the Tobas and Matacos communities.

Natural Beauty

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Tariquia Flora and Fauna Reserve, Tarija

Tariquia Flora and Fauna Reserve

Tariquia Flora and Fauna Reserve is located to the Southeast of Tarija (South of Entre Rios town), and is close to the border with Argentina. Tariquia is the only area of Bolivia that protects well conserved examples of the Forest of the Tucumano - Bolivian Yungas.

National Parks

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