Starting and ending  in La Paz city the tour will cover the main attractions in Uyuni, including: The majestic Uyuni Salt Flat, Verde and Colorada Lagoons, Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, thermal waters and volcanoes.


La Paz - Uyuni Salt Flat - La Paz Shared Tour by Bus, Uyuni, Bolivia
La Paz - Uyuni Salt Flat - La Paz Shared Tour by Bus, Uyuni, Bolivia
La Paz - Uyuni Salt Flat - La Paz Shared Tour by Bus, Uyuni, Bolivia


Night 1

You can travel from La Paz to Uyuni with Trans Titicaca, Panasur Bus or Todo Turismo Bus. The Panasur Bus features semi bed buses and bed buses while the Todo Turismo Bus only has semi bed buses. Trans Titicaca and Todo Turismo Bus offer dinner, breakfast and WiFi internet on board while the Panasur bus offers only transportation. The buses have bathroom and heating.

Panasur departs at 19:00, Todo Turismo at 21:00 and Trans Titicaca bus leaves at 22:00. The travel time between La Paz and Uyuni is about 11 hours.

You can choose at your convenience to travel with any of these bus companies.

19:00 hrs, 21:00 or 22:00 hrs. overnight tourist bus from La Paz to Uyuni.

Day 1

We will pick you up from the bus company office that will transport you to Uyuni and we will take you to our office in Uyuni where you can leave your luggage and have some free time before starting your tour.

The Shared tour begins at 10:30 a.m. The first stop of the tour is the Train Cemetery, located about 3 kms. from the town of Uyuni. These trains were purchased during the administration of President Aniceto Arce, a great visionary of the mining industry. Unfortunately the exportation of minerals from Bolivia to Europe failed due to the resistance of the natives who did not want their lands invaded.

After a brief visit to the abandoned locomotives, we will take you to the village of Colchani, at the entrance of the Uyuni Salt Flat. Here you can buy some handicrafts made from salt and observe the manual processing of the salt extracted from the salt flat.

Continuing the journey we will show you the "Ojos del Salar" (eyes of the salt flat), small openings where the water flowing beneath the salt is revealed. This water has some healing properties due to its high mineral content. We will extract some salt crystals formed inside these eyes.

On our way to the Incahuasi Island we will make a short stop at the former Salt Hotel Playa Blanca, now converted into a cafe. This Hotel has been closed by the authorities due to the environmental impact it had inside the salt flat. Here you will have some free time to take spectacular photos of the salt flat. Close to the former Salt Hotel is a small mound with many flags from all over the world. These flags have been left by travelers passing by the Majestic Uyuni Salt Flat.

Lunch. The lunch includes a main course, dessert and drinks (sodas, water). Vegetarian menu is available at no extra charge.

After lunch we will visit the Incahuasi Island, home to hundreds of giant cacti gracing the landscape. The island is in the middle of the salt flat, visiting it means little physical effort. From the peak of the Incahuasi Island there are outstanding views of the Uyuni Salt Flat and the Tunupa Volcano.

There will be some extra time here for resting and taking even more pictures.

Something really special during the first day of the tour is that we will wait for the sunset inside the Uyuni Salt Flat.

At the end of the journey we will transport you to the Kachihuasi Hostel (Casa de Sal) located on the southern shore of the Uyuni Salt Flat, 20 minutes away from Atullcha village. Accommodation provided: double, triple or quadruple rooms with private toilets. Hot water showers are available outside of the guestrooms, extra charge for use:10 Bs.- = 1.4 $us.-. Heating is not available.

Dinner will be served at Kachiwasi Hostel. Beverages during dinner included.

During the rainy season the access to Hotel Kachiwasi is difficult and therefore the Hotel is closed. Travelers will spend the night on the northern shores of the Uyuni Salt Flat in Hostels that feature shared rooms and shared bathrooms. Facilities at these Hostels are basic.

Day 2

The second day of the tour will start after breakfast.

The expedition will take you to Chiguana Salt Flat, a deserted spot with smaller salt concentration. From here, you will take a scenic drive through a countryside that features stunning deserts and breathtaking lagoons.

You will make a short trek to the Ollague Volcano viewpoint with marvelous panoramic views of the Ollague Volcano and other high mountains. (This tourist spot cannot be visited during the rainy season.)

Lunch. The lunch includes a main course, dessert and drinks (sodas, water). Vegetarian menu is available at no extra charge.

After lunch we will take you to visit the minor Lagoons Cañapa, Hedionda and Honda. All of them feature pink flamingo populations that share the space with other Andean birds.

Traveling south we will find the Siloli desert located at 4550 m.a.s.l. (highest and driest in the world) where the Stone tree / Arbol de Piedra is located. This rock is unique because it resembles a tree.

Before ending this day we will pass through the viscachas canyon where you will have a wonderful time watching these cute animals. The viscachas that live in this canyon love the tourist and are always in good mood for pictures.

Dinner and accomodation at Huayllajara camp. The shelter features shared rooms and a shared bathroom for all guests at the camp. A hot water shower is located outside the guestrooms at 15 Bs.- = 2 $us.- extra charge. Facilities are very basic, hot water and heating are not available due to the remoteness of the area. Huayllajara camp is located 15 minutes away from Colorada Lagoon/ Red Lagoon, inside the Eduardo Avaroa National Park.

The 6 travelers that are sharing the tour will share a guestroom at Huayllajara camp.

Day 3

The tour will start at 05:00 a.m. after breakfast.

We will transport you to visit the Colorada Lagoon. This stunning Lagoon contains borax islands, whose white color contrasts with the reddish color of its waters, which is caused by red sediments and pigmentation of some algae. James's pink flamingos abound in the area. Also it is possible to find Andean and Chilean flamingos, but in a smaller quantity.

We will continue our trip taking you to Sol de Mañana, a volcanic zone where you can see geysers. This endless supply of water is spitted out of the ground at a temperature of 90 C, through fumaroles and cracks through which sometimes even volcanic lava erupts. It is recommended for everyone's personal safety to observe this from a distance, mostly because of the sensitivity and lack of stability of the ground.

Continuing with our trip you will spend some time in the Polques hot springs where you can take a relaxing bath in a small pool of natural thermal water.

Lunch. The lunch includes a main course, dessert and drinks (sodas, water). Vegetarian menu is available at no extra charge. The lunch this day will be simpler than the other days. At this point of the tour we are far away from everything so your driver will prepare lunch for you.

The next stop in our trip is the Salvador Dali desert, the Laguna Verde / Green Lagoon located at the feet of the Licancabur Volcano (5,868 m.a.s.l.).The intensity of the green color of this Lagoon depends on the wind in the area. If there is no wind, then you will enjoy a clear reflection of the Licancabur Volcano in the Lagoon. The Licancabur Volcano is the landmark that indicates the border line between Chile and Bolivia.

On the way back to Uyuni we will be passing by the Laguna Negra and Quetena Chico town. During this part of the trip you will see a lot of llamas and vicuñas.

The Shared tour will end in Uyuni Town by 18:00 p.m. approximately.

You will have some free time in Uyuni Town and then you will board the bus back to La Paz city. Todo Turismo and Panasur Bus depart at 20:00 hrs from Uyuni and arrive in the La Paz city by 7:00 a.m. depending on the traffic. Trans Titicaca leaves at 22:00.

Trans Titicaca and Todo Turismo Bus company will provide dinner and breakfast on board while the Panasur Bus company will offer just transportation.

The tour includes:

  • Round trip bus tickets La Paz - Uyuni - La Paz. You can choose to travel on board Trans Titicaca, Todo Turismo Bus or Panasur bus. If you choose to travel with Trans Titicaca or Todo Turismo Bus you will receive dinner and breakfast on board. We will provide Todo Turismo Bus e-tickets. If you decide to travel with Trans Titicaca or Panasur bus company we will provide a Confirmation Voucher with the assigned seat number.

  • Pick up from the Uyuni Bus station

  • Shared Transportation: 4x4 vehicle assigned for 6 tourists and one driver.

  • 2. For passengers requesting the English speaking tour guide service, we will provide 1 English speaking tour guide for 11 tourists. The english speaking tour guide will guide 2 vehicles.

  • Meals: Day 1: Lunch and Dinner. Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Day 3: Breakfast and Lunch. Beverages during meals included.

  • Accommodation

    • First Night at Kachiwasi Hostal : Double, triple or quadruple rooms with shared bathroom, hot water showers available outside the room at 1.4 $us.- = 10 Bs.- extra charge, heating not available

    • Second night at Huayllajara Shelter: Shared room for 6 people (6 single beds). The shelter features basic facilities, shared bathroom, no hot water/ shower/ heating. Huayllajara is located in an isolated spot 15 minutes away from Colorada Lagoon. Hot water showers available outside the room at 2 $us.- = 15 Bs.- extra charge

  • Experienced Spanish speaking driver. If an English speaking guide will be needed please request him with anticipation at extra charge per day.

  • Extra rate per person for English speaking tour guide 45 $us.-

Services not included in the rate:

  • Entrance tickets to:

    • Incahuasi Island 30 Bs.- = 4 usd person

    • Eduardo Avaroa Reserve 150 Bs.- = 22 usd per person. (Carry Bolivianos currency to purchase the Entrance tickets. Paying with US Dollars or other currencies is not permitted.

  • English speaking tour guide

  • Additional beverages

  • Tips

Additional Information:

  • The La Paz - Uyuni Salt Flat - La Paz Tour is a standard 3 days - 4 nights Shared Tour. This is a budget friendly tour ideal for tourists traveling alone or in small groups. The tour operator makes proper arrangements to complete the group for 6 travelers and guarantee the departure of the tour for tourists that booked the services in advance.

  • We include bus transportation during the tour. Our passengers can choose to travel on board Trans Titicaca, Todo Turismo or Panasur bus.

  • The tour runs daily from Monday to Sunday and has been designed for 6 passengers and a driver. Travelers will share transportation and accommodation.

  • The accommodation provided during the shared tour is basic. The first night in double, triple or quadruple rooms with private bathroom while the second night will be spent in a Shelter that features basic and shared facilities.

  • The vehicle is assigned for 6 passengers plus a Spanish speaking Driver that will take the group from one site to another providing a brief explanation of the places visited.

  • Meals during the shared tour are served with a variety of vegetables and a fruit. There is a special menu for vegetarians at no extra charge.

  • Please dress appropriately: comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses and hats are recommended. Sunblock is a must. Do not forget your swimming suits to enjoy the thermal waters.

  • During winter carry gloves, scarf and warm clothes. (May, June, July and August)

  • The company rents sleeping bags during the route at extra charge. You can request the sleeping bags and pay for them directly in the Uyuni office.

  • This tour does not include travel insurance. If you want to purchase it please contact us.

  • If an English speaking guide will be included in the service he/she will use an extra seat in the vehicle. The English speaking tour guide will travel with a group of 11 tourist. Which meals that he will guide 2 vehicles during the trip

  • Find below a picture that shows you how the seats will be distributed during the tour. The passengers traveling in the vehicle third line will have less space for the feet, that's why generally the group members of the tour rotate the seats during the 3 days of the trip.


  • We are a serious Tour provider of tours around the Uyuni area. We make sure that our clients will take a tour with responsible drivers and tour guides. Our drivers NEVER drink alcohol during the tour.

  • The Uyuni area is very remote and road conditions are bad. This may cause vehicles to be damaged. Please be patient if a wheel needs to be changed, the drivers are experienced and will get the job done quickly.

  • It is important that you get a medical health check in your country before taking this tour. The tour reaches high altitudes that might affect your blood pressure. Even though there is a first-aid kit in the car, we recommend you take with you basic medications for headaches or stomach problems.

  • Please note that the tour will take you to remote areas where emergency medical help may not be available. The nearest health center is in the town of Uyuni. There are no health services inside the Eduardo Avaroa National Park.

  • Due to weather or road conditions the itinerary might vary without notice to ensure traveler safety. Please take the previous detailed itinerary only as a reference.

  • We aim to notify customers about major changes in the itinerary during the rainy season, but sometimes the weather changes dramatically and we are not able to inform them with (lots of) anticipation.

  • During winter there may be some snow, obliging us to change the route to ensure the safety of our clients.

Location and Map

Travellers will start and finish the tour in La Paz city.

In order to take the tour you will travel to Uyuni with Trans Titicaca, Panasur or Todo Turimo Bus. The tour will cover the main attractions in the Uyuni Salt Flat area, including a visit to the most important lagoons, deserts and volcanoes.

Rates and Booking

Shared tour + Round trip bus tickets with

  • Trans Titicaca Bus / Bed seat, WiFi Internet, dinner, breakfast: 190 USD
  • Panasur Bus / Bed seat: 185 USD
  • Todo Turismo Bus / Semi bed seat, dinner, breakfast and WiFi Internet: 215 USD

Extra rate per person for English speaking tour guide 40 USD

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