Tiwanaku Tours

A visit to the ruins of Tiwanaku is a great day trip you can take from La Paz city. This ancient city sits high on the Bolivian Altiplano at over 3962 meters (or about 13000 feet). The ruins are believed to be the ancient capital city of the Tiwanaku Empire which once stretched across Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

The site is located about a 1.5-hour drive from the capital. The mysterious ruins include several monoliths and temples and some small museums. Visiting them is a journey into a forgotten society for which more questions than answers remain.

The native Aymara celebrate the equinox in June as the start of their new year at the famous Puerta del Sol (Sun Gate).

Tiwanaku and Queruni

1 Full Day

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Explore the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku, the capital and ceremonial centre of the largest Pre-Inca empire. Learn about the daily life and customs of an indigenous Aymara community and navigate on Lake Titicaca.


Tiwanaku Shared Tour

1 Full Day


Visit the Tiwanaku ruins, a true witness of one of the ancient cultures in history, declared by the Unesco a world heritage for humanity. Explore this ancient ceremonial centre, cradle of mystery, culture and magical traditions of the Pre-Inca civilizations. A tour you wouldn't want to miss!