Calama Uyuni Bus Tickets

Cruz del Norte


05:30 Hrs. leaving Calama arrival in Uyuni at 15:00 + 1 Hrs.

13:00 Hrs. leaving Calama arrival in Uyuni at 21:00 + 1 Hrs.

* The described fares are the final fares; they include all admin fees and taxes.

NOTE: The timetable is subject to change due to strikes and weather conditions. The bus company takes no responsibility for the delays resulting from these.

Please find more information about the Ollague border below:

Ollagüe Complex
Name: Ollagüe
Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Enabled for: All types of vehicles
Height: 3,695 meters above sea level
Nearest locality: Calama
Access Chile Route Name: Route 21 - CH
Coordinates: 21 ° 13'00 "S 68 ° 14'00" W
Provinces: Region of Antofagasta (Chile) and Potosí (Bolivia)

The border crossing of Ollagüe is located at 3,695 meters above sea level. On the Chilean side, it is part of the salar of Ollagüe and the 5868 meters high volcano of the same name. You can reach the municipality of Ollagüe via the CH21 route and after driving for 80 kilometers along route 701 you reach the municipality of Alota. The border crossing is open throughout the year.

See an example affidavit for the Chilean customs.

Information about Chilean border crossings:

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