Visit to the most representative buildings of Potosi's city each one with its legend. Tourists could also observe streets that haven't been modified since the colonial times.


Sightseeing Potosi's downtown, Potosi, Bolivia
Sightseeing Potosi's downtown, Potosi, Bolivia
Sightseeing Potosi's downtown, Potosi, Bolivia


During the tour we're going to visit:

  • Main Square - Plaza central - Points of interest that show the life style of Potosi.
  • Main Cathedral - Catedral la Iglesia mayor a neoclassic building from 1809
  • Ayacucho Street - Calle Ayacucho the oldest in the city
  • Arch of Cobija - Arco de Cobija from were we can enjoy a wonderful view of the Cerro Rico Mountain and the Ribera de Ingenios
  • Santo Domingo Church - Templo de Santo Domingo features a Renaissance facade surrounded by a grating
  • De la Oreja Alley - Callejon de la Oreja. It's a particular street in the city that owns an interesting legend that will be told by the guide
  • Antonio Lopez de Quiroga House - Casa de Antonio Lopez de Quiroga newly renovated
  • Snakes Balconies - Balcon de las vi­boras with and interesting legend
  • House of marques de Santa Maria de Otavi - Casa del marques de Santa Maria de Otavi Built by 1750. The whole house was renovated and from original building just remains the facade
  • Sucre Street - Calle Sucre. At this street we'll find many stores of handicrafts and souvenirs
  • Las tres Portadas House - Casa de las tres portadas. It's the most conserve building from the colonial times and it's where our tour ends enjoying a local drink

The tour includes:

The tour Includes:
  • Private transportation
  • Bilingual Tourist Guide
  • Drinks

Location and Map

The tour will take a place at Potosi's city center.

Rates and Booking

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