Make the most of your time in la La Paz City. During the tour visit the ruins of Tiahuanaco-Tiwanaku and the Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna). Walk on the streets of La Paz City, named city-wonder of the world.


Private Tour Tiwanaku, La Paz City and Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna), La Paz, Bolivia
Private Tour Tiwanaku, La Paz City and Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna), La Paz, Bolivia
Private Tour Tiwanaku, La Paz City and Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna), La Paz, Bolivia


08:00 a.m. Pick up from your Hotel in La Paz City.

We will travel to the archeological center in Tiahuanaco - Tiwanaku. Travel time from La Paz to Tiahuanaco - Tiwanaku is about 1.5 hours.

Tiahuanaco - Tiwanaku was the predecessor of the american civilizations, considered the capital of an ancient megalithic empire or a great empire that extended to all of the Central Andes mountains.

During the tour we will visit the Laja Temple (Iglesia de Laja), The Lithic Museum and the Ceramic Museum where the famous "queros" (ceremonial vases) and "huaco"-portraits (tri-dimensional portrait of a human face on a pot).

The ruins of Tiahuanaco - Tiwanaku are characterized by an architecture decorated with reliefs and incised planes placed on stelae. It is made up of seven important buildings: the mystic Sun Gate (Puerta del Sol), which is an extraordinary piece made from a single block of stone, Kalasasaya, Semi-subterranean temple (one of the most popularattractions in Tiahuanaco - Tiwanaku where ceremonies and dances are performed), the Akapana pyramid, Puma Punku, Keri K'ala and the Moon Gate (Puerta de la Luna).

After visiting the archeological center, we will take you to enjoy a delicious lunch.

We return to La Paz City.

The next stop is the Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna), located about 15 kilometers from La Paz City.

The Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) is a geological site where the erosion has created stunning rock formations resembling the surface of the Moon.

After this visit we will discover the main tourist attractions of La Paz City, seat of the government and administrative capital of Bolivia. La Paz is the most indigenous and cosmopolitan city in Bolivia. People from all regions of the country as well as from other nations mix together, creating a unique atmosphere of diverse cultural expressions.

During the trip we will visits the Killi Killi viewpoint. From here you will have spectacular views of the city. We will then board the cable cars, a unique transportation system in this 'high' town.

We will stop at Plaza Murillo, location of the Government Palace, the Senate and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Finally we will visit the Witches' Market ( Mercado de Brujas), indigenous markets and the San Francisco Church.

We finish this day trip by dropping you off at your hotel.

The tour includes:

  • Pickup from your hotel in La Paz city.
  • Private transportation. We will assign a tourist minivan to the participants in the tour.
  • Lunch
  • Tour guide
  • Entry Tickets

The tour rate does not include:

  • Drinks
  • Tips


Please take into consideration that there are NO ATMs in Tiwanaku town.

We recommend you wear warm clothes, comfortable shoes, hat, sunblock and sunglasses.

Don't forget to carry your passport with you.

Location and Map

Tiahuanaco is the most importan archeological site in Bolivia. Next to a town with the same name, you will find the ruins of a civilization that pre-dates the Incas, called TiahuanacoTiwanaku (in Quechua or Aymara language respectively).

The ruins are located about a 70 kms from La Paz City, at a height of 3885 meters above sea level.

The border with Peru is very close to the ruins of Tiwanaku and about 15 kilometers away you will find Lake Titicaca.

The archeological center in Tiwanaku opens at 09:00 a.m. and closes at 17:00 hrs

The Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) is located about 10 kilometers from La Paz City. This tourist attraction gets its name from its similarity to the surface of the moon with craters and rock formations created by erosion.

Rates and Booking

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Number of Passengers Rate per person
2 Passengers 145 USD
3 Passengers 130 USD
4 Passengers 120 USD
5 Passengers 110 USD
6 Passengers 100 USD
7 Passengers 95 USD
8 Passengers 85 USD

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