La Paz, La Cumbre, Chuspipata, Death Road - Camino de la Muerte, Cascadas de San Juan, Yolosa.


Death Road - Mountain Biking Tour, La Paz, Bolivia
Death Road - Mountain Biking Tour, La Paz, Bolivia
Death Road - Mountain Biking Tour, La Paz, Bolivia


The tour begins in the La Paz city office at 07:00 a.m. where we will provide the special equipment for the tip according to your size.

We leave at about 7:15 towards the "la Cumbre" in our vehicles. Upon arrival at the peak, the tour guide will provide safety instructions and an explanation about how to ride the bikes on this complicated road. Then we begin our descent by bicycle. The first segment of the tip is on paved road, with a duration of about 2 hours. During the trip you can enjoy the marvellous view of the snowy mountains.

Once we reach the police checkpoint, we will stop to pay Bs. 25.- per person, in order to enter into the Cyclist Park. This means we will take a road with very low traffic. The cyclist can have as much fun as they want, since they have priority on this track.

We will continue the Unduavi-Chuspipata segment in our vehicles. During this part of the trip we will provide a series of snacks (banana, chocolate bars, cookies, coca cola and water). In Chuspipata the tour guide will again give instructions to the tour participants in order to be able to continue on the dirt road. During this part you may enjoy the exuberant vegetation.

The tour of the Death Road ends at the town of Yolosa, located at a height of 1180 meters above sea level and that has a semi-tropical climate with an average temperature of 28 degrees.

We will transport the group in our vehicles to the town of Yolosa, where the participants may enjoy a hot shower, the swimming pool and buffet lunch. The views of the landscape are spectacular.

After a short rest, we will return to the city of La Paz, arriving between 18:30 and 19:30 hours.

It is important to know that the English speaking tour guides know well how to repair the bicycles if needed. We also carry an extra bicycle for the group just in case one needs to be changed. Don't forget that riding a bicylcle on the death road is difficult and dangerous.

Additional Tour Information:

  • Estimated tour length: 11 hours
  • Estimated length of the bicycle ride: 5 hours
  • Percentage of descent: 85%
  • Distance: 64 Kms.
  • Grade of difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert
  • Food: water, snacks and buffet lunch

The tour includes:


  • Full face helmet.
  • Professional gloves
  • Long pants.
  • Vest.
  • Snacks (bananas, chocolate, water.)
  • Buffet lunch, hot showers, pool.
  • CD with the best photos and videos of the tour
  • "Death Road Survivor" T-shirt



The price of the tour does not include:

Entry ticket for the useof Coroico road - cyclist park BS 25.00

Extra drinks

Travel Insurance. For this tour having travel insurance is a must. If you don't have one, you can purchase a 3 day travel insurance at the La Paz office.


Please bring with you to the tour the following items:

  • Rain coat
  • Extra clothes and Sandals
  • Extra cash
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun glasses
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen

Have a good night of sleep before taking this tour. This ride is called the “Death Road” FOR A REASON. We need you to be relax and with full of energy for this journey.

Location and Map

The tour leaves from the city of La Paz. The tour participants are transported in our vehicles to the "La Cumbre" at 4650 meters above sea level, from where we begin our decent by bicycle. We will make stops according to the variations of the terrain and the road quality.

Due to the steep slopes, the narrow lanes (only 3 meters wide in some places), and the lack of guardrails, this route becomes extremely dangerous. It is important to follow to the letter the instructions given by the tour guides.

During the tour we pass through the towns of Unduavi, Chuspipata and Yolosa, ending the trip in Santa Bárbara located at 1180 meters above sea level.

Rates and Booking

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