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COROICO: A tropical paradise hanging from the sky

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Coroico is a mountain-side town in the Yungas, hanging from the sky. It is a nature-lovers' paradise with overwhelming tranquility.

Accessible from La Paz by land in about 2 hours. A bit less than 100 kms, the journey is a great opportunity to enjoy this unique landscape of the Yungas valley and the subtropical climate of about 22 °C. Starting from La Paz you reach snowy peaks of up to 5000 meters, only to begin your descent to 1800 meters.


Thanks to the benevolent climate, there are plantations of coca, coffee and a large variety of fruits. The town itself seems like a medieval fortress clinging to the hillside.

Besides beeing a charming little town, Coroico also displays ethnical diversity. The afro-bolivian community are descendants of african slaves who preserve their identity and traditions, typical dances and habits.


Trekking, photography, watersports in the many pools and waterfalls, fishing and horseback riding are some of the many activities this touristic town offers.

Some attractions to visit:

The Bride's kiss (El Beso de la Novia) or the San Jacinto waterfall, among others, are natural pools with waterfalls where you can take a bath.

Pools of the Vagabond (Pozas del Vagante) near the river Coroico, in harmony with their surroundings.


Visit Tocaña, to experience more of the afrobolinianism mentioned prviously.

The old road between La Paz and Coroico, the infamous Death Road.