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K'atalla (Seven falls), Chuquisaca

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K'atalla (Seven falls)
K'atalla (Seven falls) K'atalla (Seven falls) K'atalla (Seven falls) K'atalla (Seven falls)

Zone of interesting geological formations. A stream of water flows between huge rocks forming seven jumps or falls of different sizes. At only eight kilometers from Sucre, there are several waterfalls of pure, crystalline water, which provide a very picturesque and unique view. In the surrounding areas there are seven waterfalls, which resemble the colonial life; it is an inviting zone that provides the appropriate means for fun and relaxation for the whole family.

In the vicinity emerges the Hacienda de las Siete Cascadas, which, in colonial style, invites family recreation and relaxation. The first three are easily accessible, the others are reached by climbing.

From Sucre you reach the town of Chaupi K'atalla, 8 kilometers away, from where the 3-kilometer hike begins.

The road is a bit tiring, because at times you have to climb the rocks to avoid water.

At the foot of the waterfalls are natural pools where visitors can bathe and enjoy the sun.

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