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National Park Cotapata, La Paz

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National Park Cotapata
National Park Cotapata National Park Cotapata National Park Cotapata National Park Cotapata

The National Park Cotapata is located to the Northeast of the city of La Paz, approximately to 20kms away. The park has high mountain range, snowfields, periglacier areas and cloudy humid forest. One of its greater attractions is the pre-Colombian road of the Chucura or Choro or Inca Road that crosses the area from the mountain region until the Yungas and the Huaranilla river.

Part of the Choro Trail passes through the park, as does the Takesi Trail, making it a popular destination for day trippers.

The flora and the vegetation of the humid forest include the little kenua woods, the pine trees, the iotavio, huaycha, nogal, yuraj huaycha, coca silvestre, cedro, aliso, chachacoma, yarumas, aliso colorado, arrayan, Limache, Ichilca, laureles, coloradillo de monte, quina isigo, bilka and bibosi. Among the palms are jatatas and the copa. The area counts with several species of orchids, some of them endemic. There were 204 species of fauna registered, some of them in danger of extinction such as the jucumari, tunqui, mountain eagle, guacharo, marimono, puma titi, andean cat or gato de pajonal, taruca or venado andino, taitetu, pecari or collared pig, jochi con cola, jochi colorado, pava de monte, pavita and numerous species of endemic birds of the family Tyrannidae and Furnariidae.

Cotapata is still largely unregulated and has no infrastructure or accommodation. Please contact us by email if you would like to book a tour to visit Cotapata.