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Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, Potosi

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Eduardo Avaroa Reserve
Eduardo Avaroa Reserve Eduardo Avaroa Reserve Eduardo Avaroa Reserve Eduardo Avaroa Reserve

The Reserve Eduardo Avaroa is located to the South of the Department of Potosi, in the Province South Lipez. It borders to the South with Argentina and to the West with Chile. The Reserve has a surface of 7.147km2.

The Eduardo Avaroa park has an exceptional beauty, the reason why it is considered as one of the most important tourist attractions of Bolivia. It was proposed as Natural Patrimony of the Humanity in 2000, and is the most visited area by tourists (around 30,000 visitors/year). Ecologically it is characterized by the extensive cold deserts and the Altoandina Semidesert field. There are salty lagoons of glacial origin. Among these are the Laguna Colorada and the Laguna Verde. The enormous flamingo colonies constitute another attraction of the park Eduardo Avaroa. The climate is cold and extremely dry.

The vegetation is marked by patches of yaretales and quenua woods, species at present threatened. In the reserve there are 96 species of registered fauna. The most important species are the vicuna, Andean cat or titi, suri, horned stump, choca and the three species of flamencos that nest in enormous colonies. The reserve occupies almost the 40% of the territory of the municipality of San Pablo of Lipez, whose population is only 2,412 inhabitants and concentrated chiefly in the Northeastern region.

The entrance ticket to Eduardo Avaroa's Reserve is 150 Bs.- = 22 usd.