Titicaca Lake Catamaran Tour - La Paz - Sun Island - La Paz,
2 Days, 1 Night
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Location and map

Titicaca Lake Catamaran Tour - La Paz - Sun Island - La Paz, La Paz
Titicaca Lake Catamaran Tour - La Paz - Sun Island - La Paz, La Paz Titicaca Lake Catamaran Tour - La Paz - Sun Island - La Paz, La Paz Titicaca Lake Catamaran Tour - La Paz - Sun Island - La Paz, La Paz

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1

5:45 a.m. Pick up from your Hotel in La Paz city (The tourist Bus pick up passengers from Hotels located in La Paz city central area. For passengers staying in Hotels located in the South side of the city (Zona Sur) will be needed to arrange an extra charge transfer and they will have a different pick up time).

Tourist Bus transportation from La Paz to Copacabana town. Breakfast will be served in the town.

11:00 You will Board the Catamaran Cruise Ship and will navigate in the Titicaca Lake for about an hour reaching the Sun Island, the legendary birthplace of the Inca Empire.

Lunch Buffet on board.

Visit to Challapampa Village located in the Noth side of the Sun Island. You will participate in some activities with the Challampampa locals. During the activities visitors have the opportunity to interact with one of the most unspoiled indigenous Titicaca villages through an innovative program organized with the local community visiting their own museum, chapel, school, a typical house, sailing in their vessels to an Inca holy temple, being part of an andean ritual and walking through Inca trails.

After the activities you will return to the Catamaran where you will have some free time.

Romantic candle light dinner and overnight on board the Catamaran in lake view cabins with private facilities.

During the dinner there will be a native folkloric demonstration on board.

Day 2

The Catamaran Cruise Ship sails across the lake while you are enjoying your breakfast and the overwhelming panorama.

You will be transported to the South side of the Sun Island where you will sight seen Pilkokaina Temple. During this day you will visit the following points of interest:

  • Inti Wata Cultural Complex
  • Ekeko Underground Museum
  • Traditional medicine center
  • Titikaka Reed Shipbuilders display center
  • Pachamama agricultural Inca terraces
  • A handicraft center

The Intica Camelids refugee located at the Manco Kapac point view where you can see a huge variety of Andean camelids.

Visit the Inca's Garden, Inca's steps and the Inca fountain

The Inti Wata Complex offers a unique sailing experience aboard a huge Titikaka Traditional vessel made with totora plants.

You will be transported back to the Catamaran where a buffet lunch will be served. The Cataran will transport you until Chua where the tourist Bus will be waiting for you to take you back to La Paz city.

7:30 Arrival in La Paz city.

The tour includes:

  • Pick up from your Hotel in La Paz city (Located in the central area)
  • Tourist Bus transportation La Paz - Copacabana
  • 2 days transportation on board of the Catamaran cruise
  • 1 night accommodation in a double room cabin with lake views and private facilities
  • Meals: (2) Lunch, (1) Dinner, (2) Breakfast
  • Tourist Bus transportation Chua - Copacabana (We will transport you back to your Hotel)
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Boarding fee
  • Travel Insurance

Rate does not include:

  • Drinks during Lunch and Dinner

Intiwata Cultural Complex


Few meters from the Inca steps, fountain and inside the Inca Garden.


Inca made agricultural terraces, Sun Island Kallawayas, Aymara house, Reed ship builders, ancient Andean agricultural tools and weaving instruments.


The largest collection of Sun Island's archaeological and anthropological items, the largest demo variety of Andean crops, medicinal herbs and Andean fauna; the only reserve of its kind available to tourists.


Participating in an ancient Kallawaya ceremony, sailing in a RA Replica (the famous reed vessel ) to the Pilkokaina Inca Palace, participating in manual agricultural work, learning about Andean agricultural technology, traditional medicine, ancient healing rituals, reed vessel constructions and transoceanic epic adventures, Andean weaving techniques, taste of Andean grains, herbs and tubers harvested at Sun Island's Inca made terraces and enjoy an autochthonous folkloric demonstration.

Aymara House

A typical islander house where visitors appreciate the authentic lifestyle of a Sun Island family.

Ekako Underground Museum

A unique 200 m2 underground museum containing the largest collection of Sun Island's archeological items, Andean mummies and the Ekako, abundance God, found precisely on this island.

Pachamama Terraces

The authentic agricultural Inca Terraces at the Complex contain the largest demo variety of Andes crops and medicinal herbs.

Apus and Achachilas Altar

At the far end of the Complex there is an authentic altar from the Tiwanaku era where visitors participate in an ancient Kallawaya ceremony.

Andean Fauna

The Complex is the home of several varieties of llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas.

Titikaka Reed Shipbuilders

Thor Heyerdahl and Kitin Muñoz, both explorers and scientists, tested several times early migration theories carried on reed vessels. The Complex has a display center and Shipbuilders describing construction techniques.

Inti Wata Reed Vessel

A 30 passenger totora reed vessel to redeem ancestral and almost extinct Titikaka navigation. The only large reed vessel available in the whole lake, constructed by Celso Arratia one of the natives who worked with Heyerdahl. Visitors experience an unforgettable back-to-the-past sail to the Pilkokaina Inca Palace.

Exclusive cultural attraction available only to Catamaran Cruise Ship clients.