Cristal Samana Salt Hotel, Uyuni

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Address: Uyuni's Salt Flat Region

The Cristal Samana Hotel is located quite near to the Uyuni Salt Flat.

Cristal Samana Salt Hotel, Uyuni
Cristal Samana Salt Hotel, Uyuni Cristal Samana Salt Hotel, Uyuni Cristal Samana Salt Hotel, Uyuni

The only hotel in Bolivia projected based on Feng Shui principles, its architecture is in coca leaf shape, which reflects energy,and balance.

The design of the Cristal Samana Hotel provokes our imagination, creativity and knowledge. The entire sketch really seemed to fall on the insignificance before the magic spectacle of the Path to Salar de Uyuni.

In the other hand, for the holy architecture, the use of natural materials is as important as its form. It gives to the constructions an ecological and bioenergy characteristic.

The design of the Crystal Samana Hotel harmonizes the landscape. It's based on the form of the three big leaves of coca and on the aureate number: Phi (1,618).
Therefore, the design of the hotel's interior is carefully planned to maintain the harmony of the proportions: relations between length, width and height, dimensions of the doors and windows and the general architecture of the building. This way, the cosmic energy freely flows like canoed waves movement and invade all the spaces.

Room Facilities

The 29 bedrooms are decorated with arches carved on salt and with Aymara astrology engraving, which are big influence to the human being.

The Hotel offers single, double rooms and suites equipped with:

  • Private Bathroom
  • Heating
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Towels
  • Hair Dryer
  • Radio AM/FM

Services included in the rate:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

Hotel Services

  • Solar energy system to achieve some comfort levels, as the heating and the supply of hot water, for the purpose of reduces the most external industrial energy dependence.
  • Restaurant-bar is located in the second building. It was turned into a viewpoint with the huge Salar in front of it. Far from the bedrooms, it gives to the visitors all the freedom that this space provides.
  • Labyrinth which proportions are in accordance with the esoteric wisdom, where the visitor can travel around it and feel the benefits in each part of his/her body.
  • Salt Temple supported by catenary’s arches as gaudiano style, one part with canoed waves form and side aisles which invite us to meditate. This architectural treasure provides to the hotel a terrific, mystic and spiritual touch.

Additional Services

  • Astronomical Observatory
  • Party Hall
  • Passenger transfer from Uyuni to the hotel, 4 people (additional)
  • Private tours to Salar de Uyuni and Lagunas de Colores (Request rate information!)
  • Seminar and Events Organization to Institutions and Companies. (Request rate information!)

Hotel Policies

Children under 6 years old can stay at the Hotel for free.