Airports in Bolivia

International airports:

Bolivia has 3 international airports located in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

Domestic airports:

Most of the airlines have daily flights to La Paz or Santa Cruz from the main cities in South America and some additional flights from Europe. The most common connections from Europe are made in Lima, Peru; Sao Paulo, Brasil; or Buenos Aires, Argentina.

New airports to be opened in Bolivia:

The new airports to be opened in Bolivia will be located in:

Oruro city: Bolivian Folklore capital and home of the world famous Oruro Carnival. Potosi city: silver mines and colonial history and architecture. Copacabana town on the shores of Titicaca Lake. Monteagudo town in Sucre. Camiri and San Ignacio de Velasco in Santa Cruz on the Bolivia Jesuit Missions route. Ramón Darío in Beni, near the Iténez river and the border with Brazil.