Today, you can snag a flight to Bolivia on an e-travel site like Travelocity, Expedia, or Kayak quicker than a viscacha (a rabbit-like creature of the Andes) - but are you missing out on details and offers that could make your trip more enjoyable and cheaper had you proceeded with the steady guidance of a travel expert?

Here are six reasons we think you should talk to our travel experts:

1. We are skilled professionals.

Anyone with an internet connection can search a travel website, but our travel experts are trained to plan vacations and excursions, consider weather and local conditions, and customize a trip for family, group or adventure travelers. Because of this, if your trip to Bolivia is costly or complicated, we recommend that you let a pro handle the details.

2. We can get you a better rate.

Our travel experts have access to deals that the average traveler doesn't. Because we routinely work with bolivian tour operators, airlines, bus companies, hotels, resorts and the like, we often receive a special rate from these suppliers due to the volume in which we purchase travel. Spending less on reservations leaves you with more budget for souvenirs.

3. We have established connections and better access.

Related to the above point, our travel experts have access to another tier of reservations. Tour operators, bus companies, airlines and hotels reserve places for agencies - when the average traveler sees that a tour, bus or hotel is sold out, a travel expert may still get you in.

4. We can score you pricey perks . . . for free.

You could pay extra for a room with a view or better seats on the plane, or you could let our travel expert get you those goodies as part of your package at no charge.

5. We have the inside scoop on Bolivia.

Our travel experts have vast travel experience and have already been where you are travelling. We are also a repository for our customers' experiences and have feedback from travelers who had first-hand experience with your trip. This knowledge will save you from tourist traps and steer you towards the places that will make your trip to Bolivia truly memorable. True, you could get similar feedback from a review site like Tripadvisor, but be aware that online advice is often manipulated!

6. We are problem solvers.

Imagine that you are in a remote region of Bolivia surrounded by strangers and you miss your connection, lose your itinerary, or have to cut your trip short due to an emergency. An often overlooked benefit of travel experts is that you have someone to reach out to when there's trouble in paradise.

The moral of this story is that while booking travel yourself may be quicker, you'll likely finish ahead if you work with an expert.

Special Tours and Groups

Group Tours: We can easily arrange from two to ten 4x4 vehicles for groups.

We arrange accommodation for the group as required (Basic or Upgraded).

We include IN/OUT Airport transfers for the groups.

We can arrange private transportation for the group to other countries such as Chile, Peru or Argentina.

We can escort your group during the tour on request.


  • 24hrs help sevice - call us if you need assistance any time!
  • One-stop service for all Bolivia (tours, transfers, plane tickets, hotels, etc.)
  • Discount prices

Adventure Tours

Travel to less-known but unique destinations!

Family Tours: Designed for families traveling with children and/or elder relatives.

Please fill out the Group Tour Form below. Be as detailed as possible on what you are looking for and we will get back to you with a personalized offer.

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