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Tobas - Oruro Carnival Dance

The Tobas dance is a special representation of energy - a singular dance with impressive jumps performed by the dancers to impress the audience.

Tobas Dance at the Oruro Carnival

This unique dance is performed during religious and other festivities as well as the Oruro Carnival.

Tobas Dance at the Oruro Carnival

The women and men dance tobas in separate blocks with special costumes made with feathers and colorful fabrics.
The Tobas use a skirt, a small poncho and large feathered turbans. The dance steps have special names:  Bolivar (quick with regular jumps); camba (very agile, one meter high jumps); chucu-chucu (with a faster rhythm that amuse the audience, in the foot tips, almost in the knees); and the cullahui jump.

Tobas Dance at the Oruro Carnival