Las Balsas Hotel Resort, a 4 star Hotel in Titicaca

Las Balsas Hotel Resort, Titicaca

4 star Hotel
Ideally located on the Titicaca Lake's shore near Puerto Perez, Las Balsas Hotel Resort is an excellent option for those travelers that enjoy a four star quality services and incredible Titicaca lake's pan views in a calm and comfy atmosphere.
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Inca Utama Hotel and Spa, a 5 star Hotel in Titicaca

Inca Utama Hotel and Spa, Titicaca

5 star Hotel
Inca Utama Hotel & Spa is a complete tourism complex recently restored. It combines stylish decor with Andean culture details.
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Hotel Titikaka, a 4 star Hotel in Titicaca

Hotel Titikaka, Titicaca

4 star Hotel
The Titikaka Hotel is located 70 minutes away from La Paz city downtown on the road to Tiquina and on the Lake shore, surrounded by the imposing Andes Mountain Range.   More information...
Puerta del Sol Hostel, a  star Hostel in Titicaca

Puerta del Sol Hostel, Titicaca

star Hostel
The Puerta del Sol Hostel is situated on the main street of Sun Island in the Titicaca Lake. The hostel offers to its guests spectacular he views, comfortable rooms and the Willka Punku restaurant   More information...